What can you do with a Psychology Degree?

Psychology is a very broad discipline; it can lead you in many different directions.  Here are just a few of the many career options our graduates have pursued in the past.  This information is simply intended to get you thinking about different possibilities; we encourage you to follow up with your own more in-depth research.  If one of these career paths sounds intriguing to you, search out more information on the internet.  Look at websites of graduate schools in the area, or of potential employers, and see what kind of training and skills they are looking for.  If you can, talk to someone who is doing the sort of work you are interested in, and get their recommendations for good preparation. Try to start thinking about possible career options early on, so you can select the courses that will best prepare you.  

Careers available with an undergraduate degree

Careers available with a master’s-level degree

Careers available with a doctoral-level degree