BA or BSc with Honours in Psychology

The Honours Program in Psychology permits a student to obtain a degree with a major in psychology that includes advanced courses. These courses include the Honours Seminar, Advanced Research Methods in Psychology, History and Systems in Psychology, at least one 3000-level lab course, and the Honours Thesis. Most graduate programs in psychology require or prefer an Honours degree for admission.

For the first two years of study at Acadia, an Honours degree in psychology is identical to a Major in psychology. In the Third year of study, students who hope to pursue an Honours degree should take Advanced Research Methods in Psychology (PSYC 3243 ) and the Honours Seminar (PSYC 3023). Please note, admission to the Honours Seminar requires a cumulative GPA of 3.33.

Admission to the Honours program is not guaranteed. Admission decisions are based on an application made to the department in the student's penultimate academic year using the form below. Admission to Honours is also based on whether or not a faculty member is available to supervise the completion of a theses.

Honours Conversion

Students who hold a degree from Acadia with a Major in Psychology, or students who are about to graduate with a Major in Psychology, may apply to convert their degree to an Honours in Psychology. This involves applying to the Honours program in the fall prior to the year in which the honours degree is to be completed using the form below. If accepted to the Honours program, degree holders will then have to re-apply to Acadia for an Honours Conversion in Psychology through the university’s admissions portal.