Psychology Core

Most degree programs at Acadia require 120 credits (“hours” in the Academic Calendar) to complete a degree. Completing a single course at Acadia normally results in 3 credits. In the case of psychology, forty 3-credit courses are required to complete your degree, which works out to 5 courses a term over four years. A major in psychology requires (at a minimum) 45 credits in psychology, or 15 different psychology courses.

To complete your degree, you must complete the Psychology Core and required Additional Psychology courses; you also need to complete the breadth requirements of a BA or BSc degree.

All psych majors must complete 36 credits from the Psychology Core as follows:

  • 12 credits: PSYC 1113 (Intro Psych 1), PSYC 1123 (Intro Psych 2), PSYC 2013 (Research Design and Analysis 1), and PSYC 2023 (Research Design and Analysis 2). Note: each of these classes has an associated lab that must be completed.
  • 6 credits: MATH 1253 (Statistics 1) and MATH 2253 (Statistics II for Science) or MATH 2233 and MATH 2243 (Statistics I & II for Life Science) or MATH 2213 and MATH 2223 (Appl Probability Sci/Engi)
  • 3 credits from one of PSYC 2113 (Abnormal) or PSYC 2123 (Personality)
  • 3 credits from one of PSYC 2133 (Physiological), PSYC 2143 (Cognition), or PSYC 2173 (Sensory Processes)
  • 3 credits from one of PSYC 2103 (Social) or PSYC 2153 (Developmental)
  • 9 credits of 3000-4000 level psychology courses that come exclusively from the department of Psychology (i.e., cannot include cross listed courses from other departments outside of Psychology).

Additional Psychology courses

This requirement can be met by completing courses offered by the Department of Psychology or cross-listed courses (i.e., courses that are offered by other departments but are counted towards major credit in Psychology. Please see the Academic Calendar for a list of these courses).

Note: all courses used to fulfil your major requirements must be completed with at least a C- grade.

The honours degree and the Applied and Neuroscience optional programs require additional and/or specific courses in psychology that must be completed. Please consult the Academic Calendar for a description of what is required in these programs. Students who wish to complete a double major with Psychology should also consult the Academic Calendar to determine what is required for each major.