Advising Information for Psychology Majors

Incoming Students

You will want to register for Introductory Psychology for Psychology Majors (PSYC 1113/1123) along with the corresponding lab components (PSYC 1110L/1120L), Statistics (MATH 1213/1223 orMATH 2233/2243), and three additional courses each term. Arts students should begin fulfilling their Arts Core requirements. You should think about what your minor will be and take some courses in that subject.

First-Year Students

For your second year, register in PSYC 2013/2023 (Research Design and Analysis), complete your Stats courses if you haven’t already done so, and start filling your breadth requirements.  Look ahead to see what courses you want to take in third and fourth year, and take the psychology courses that are prerequisites to what you want to take in future years.  Take courses towards your minor. Arts students, work on completing your Arts Core.

Second-Year Students

For your third year, complete any Psychology Core requirements you have not already completed. Begin taking third- and fourth-year courses. If you are planning to pursue an Honours degree or complete one of our Options, it will affect your course choices for next year. Continue working towards completing your minor and your Arts Core, if necessary.

Third-Year Students

For your final year, determine what requirements you still need to graduate, and make sure you complete all the courses you need to fulfill those requirements.