Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

In addition to the Psychology Core, students completing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in psychology must complete the Arts Core and a minor. The Arts Core consists of 30 credits:

  • 6 credits in English at the 1000 level (not ENGL 1313/ENGL 1323)
  • 6 credits in a language other than English (or 6 more credits in English if English is your second language)
  • 6 credits from Economics, Politics, Sociology, OR Women and Gender Studies
  • 6 credits from Art, Classics, Religion, History, Philosophy, Music, or Women and Gender Studies (please see the calendar for some restrictions on these courses)
  • 6 credits from the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science (Note: this is normally satisfied by Psychology courses completed as part of your major)
  • No more than 6 credits in Women and Gender Studies can count towards the Arts core

Minors for BA students

All BA students must complete a 24-credit minor in a single subject (only 6 credits at the 1000 level) or in multidisciplinary studies.