The Department of Psychology is housed in Horton Hall and has ample space to support student research. Each faculty member involved in supervision has assigned space and facilities. The department is a member of the Cooperative Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program with Dalhousie, St. Mary's, and Mount St. Vincent Universities. Some graduates have gone into that program and retained their Acadia supervisor for doctoral work at Dalhousie.


Practicum Settings

In addition, practicum experience is available at a number of clinical settings including 1) Breakthrough Co-op Ltd. 2) Dalhousie University Counselling Services Center 3) East Coast Psychiatric Hospital 4) Family Counselling and Family Health Centre 5) IWK Health Centre 6) Kentville Mental Health Centre.

Student placements in practicum settings are established by the Practicum Coordinator in consultation with the student and the practicum setting. Other placements that are not listed here are also possible through consultation with the Practicum Coordinator.