Stephanie Gauvin,
Assistant Professor

Email address:

Office location: Horton Hall 415

Classes Recently Taught: Health psychology, Abnormal psychology, Research Design and Statistics 2 (graduate level)


B.Sc., St. Mary's University
MSc., Queen's University
Ph.D., Queen's University
Pre-doctoral Clinical Residency (CPA Accredited), Calgary Clinical Psychology Residency


The overarching goal of my primary research program is to understand how individuals can enhance sexual satisfaction and sexual/relational well-being. Within this research, I am interested in sexual communication, sexual scripts, and the strategies individuals employ to navigate sexual challenges (e.g., differences in sexual preferences, sexual dysfunctions, and life transitions) to maintain sexual well-being. I am especially excited about examining the generalizability of these processes with individuals who have been traditionally underrepresented and marginalized in sexuality research.

In a second line of work, I am committed to improving inclusive access to evidence-based psychosocial interventions, with a focus on areas such as cancer, sexual health, and gender-affirming care. Currently, I am engaged in the development and evaluation of a brief intervention for individuals who are coping with a new diagnosis of breast cancer. I am also interested in developing interventions focused on enhancing sexual well-being for individuals, as well as work that uses knowledge translation to disseminate information about evidence-based, sex-therapy practices to end-users, including therapists, primary care providers, and clients.

I welcome honours students, graduate students, and volunteers to join our research team.


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Gauvin, S. E., Joy, P., Dunn, B. L., Lee, M., & Williamson, R. E. (2021). Empirical evaluation of rainbow reflections: a comic book anthology on body image for queer men. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 50, 69-82.

Gauvin, S. E. M., Yessick, L., & Pukall, C. (2020). Picking up good vibrations: Discrepant partnered vibrator use and sexual functioning and well-being. Psychology & Sexuality, 11(3), 254-265.

Gauvin, S., Merwin, K., Kilimnik, C., Maxwell, J. A., & Sakaluk, J. K. (2019). A large-scale test of the replicability and generalizability of survey measures in close relationship and sexuality science. Pre-print available at

Gauvin, S., & Pukall, C. F. (2018). The SexFlex scale: A measure of sexual script flexibility when approaching sexual problems in a relationship. Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 44(4), 382-397.

Gauvin, S., & Pukall, C. F. (2018). Sexual problems and sexual scripts: Overview and future directions for bisexual-identified individuals. Sexual and Relationship Therapy, 33(1-2), 34-44.

A full publication list is available at Google Scholar.