Matthew Orr,
Assistant Professor

Email address:

Office location: Horton Hall 409

Classes Recently Taught: PSYC 3363, PSYC 3243, PSYC 3193 lab, and R Help Centre


B.Sc., Dalhousie University
Hons., Saint Mary's University
R.M.A., Mount Saint Vincent University
Ph.D., Dalhousie University
P.D.F., Dalhousie University


Dr. Matt Orr studies the intersection between behaviour, education, health, and technology. His research projects have primarily examined the use of novel technology to modify or measure the behaviour of children and youths in home and school settings, but have also examined sleep and dreams, social media, and role-playing games. The research methods he most employs involve mobile sensing, digital phenotyping, ecological momentary assessments, online surveys, and qualitative interviews. When developing new technologies, he primarily uses Flutter and Dart. 


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Orr, M., Isaacs, J., Godbout, R., Witmans, M., & Corkum, P. (2019). A usability study of an internet-delivered behavioural intervention tailored for children with residual insomnia after obstructive sleep apnea treatment. Internet Interventions, 18, 1-10. 
Orr, M., King, S., & McGonnell, M. (2020). A qualitative exploration of the perceived social benefits of playing tabletop role-playing games. International Journal of Role-Playing, 10. 
Orr, M., MacLeod, L., Bagnell, A., McGrath, P., Wozney, L., & Meier, S. (2023). The comfort of adolescent patients and their parents with mobile sensing and digital phenotyping. Computers in Human Behavior, 140, 107603. 
Schredl, M., Remedios, A., Marin-Dragu, S., Sheikh, S., Forbes, A., Iyer, R. S., Orr, M., & Meier, S. (2022). Dream Recall Frequency, Lucid Dream Frequency, and Personality During the Covid-19 Pandemic. Imagination, Cognition and Personality.