Ken Raj Leslie, Assistant Professor

Email address:

Classes recently taught: Personality, Research Design and Analysis 1, Introductory Psychology 1 & 2, Human Neuropsychology, Neurodegenerative Diseases Seminar and Cognitive Neuroscience.


B.A.Sc., University of Waterloo

B.A. (Honours), University of Waterloo

Ph.D., Brandeis University (HHMI Predoctoral Fellow)

P.D.F., Dartmouth College


Dr. Leslie is interested in applying discoveries and insights from psychology and neuroscience to create value in the real world. He has worked as a consumer neuroscientist in the private sector and is an expert in using brain and body measures to understand human responses. Dr. Leslie has also used fMRI to study the human mirror neuron system and its role in unconscious mimicry and empathy. He also has experience recording from individual neurons and helped identify a novel form of synaptic plasticity called synaptic scaling (Turrigiano et al., 1998). Dr. Leslie has an abiding interest in sleep and dreaming, and has studied dream incorporation, lucid dreaming, and the role of the vestibular system in sleepiness. In 2021 Dr. Leslie founded a start-up company called MotionBed Inc. in Kentville that is developing a consumer dream directing system, called DreamDirector.AI, that will allow users to influence their own dreams.


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