Stephanie Jones, Instructor

Email address:

Telephone: (902) 585-1495

Office Location: Horton Hall 306

Classes taught (Fall 2017): Introductory Psychology 1 (4 lab sections), Advanced Social Psychology (lab)

Classes taught (Winter 2018): Introductory Psychology 1 (1 lab section), Introductory Psychology 2 (4 lab sections), Health Psychology (lab)


B.Sc., Mount Saint Vincent University

M.A., University of New Brunswick

Ph.D.,York University


My primary areas of research interest include measuring attentional abilities in healthy adults across the lifespan, as an important precursor to identifying deficits in attention in those affected by stroke and Parkinson’s disease (PD), and understanding if and how cognitive functioning can be improved through computer-based training in person’s with PD.

I am also interested in understanding how the brain uses proprioceptive information, alone or with other sensory information (e.g. visual information), to guide perception and action, understanding the relationships between attention and body awareness in healthy individuals and those experiencing attentional deficits due to stroke, and exploring best practices for reaction time data analysis.