Pat O'Neill, Professor Emeritus

Email address:

Telephone: (902) 542-7533


B.A. (Honours), University of Victoria

M.Sc., Yale University

Ph.D., Yale University

Clinical Internship at Illiniois State Psychiatric Institute, Chicago.​


His major research area is Ethical Decision Making. His work has received support from both the regular grant program and the strategic grant program of the Social Science and Humanities Research Council. His book on ethical decision making, Negotiating Consent in Psychotherapy, was published by New York University Press in 1998. It is part of a series on qualitative research in Psychology edited by Michelle Fine and Jeanne Marecek.

His other primary research area is Cognitive Community Psychology. With E. J. Trickett, he is the author of "Community Consultation", a graduate and professional text published by Jossey-Bass, dealing with the opportunities and risks that confront the psychologist who intervenes in community settings.

Pat and his partner, Janice Best, have become active research collaborators, melding cultural and narrative theory with psychology. They have presented jointly to international conferences in Stockholm and Vienna,and to the Qualitative Analysis Conference at UNB, McMaster, and Carleton.


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O'Neill, P., & Trickett, E. J. (1982). Community consultation. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.



Jordan Stuart (2018). Factors influencing trust in autonomous vehicles.


Government of Canada Interagency Panel on Research Ethics - Panel Member

Dalhousie University Human Research Ethics Appeal Board, Member 2009 – 2021.