Doug Symons, Professor (retired)

Please note: Dr. Symons is no longer accepting honours students or graduate students.

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B.Sc., McMaster University

M.A., University of Western Ontario

Ph.D., University of Western Ontario

Clinical Internship (APA Accredited)


Doug Symons is a Professor of Psychology (retired) with general research interests in early social development and topics in child-clinical. More specifically, mother-infant interactions and attachment theory, social understanding, quantitative methods in sequential analyses, and adjustment of children with learning disabilities have been the focus of recent research. Dr. Symons has received numerous SSHRC grants to support his research.

Most recently, Dr. Symons has been involved in an attachment-informed home-based intervention for high-risk families, most with child protection concerns.  This project targets 2 to 7-year-old children and addresses parent-child attachment, adult attachment, parental mental health and trauma history, and child adjustment.  Details of this project can be found at   


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Honours Students

Sarah A. Hutchins, B.Sc. Thesis (2017).  Adult attachment style and caregiver attitudes before and after raising a virtual child:  Is avoidance related to negative attitudes?  

Chantal LeBlanc, B.A. Thesis  (2016).  Quality of parent-child relationships:  Childhood attachment and emotional availability in high psycho-social risk dyads. 

Olivia Brown, B.Sc. Thesis  (2015).  An examination of loss:  Retrospective attachment styles to a pet who has passed and current feelings of grief and trauma over the event.  

Marissa West, B.Sc. Thesis (2015).  Parent-child relationships, emotional availability, and adult attachment representations in a high psychosocial risk sample.     

Graduate Students

Jackie Meisner, M.Sc. Thesis (2017).  Relations of adult attachment using the Adult Attachment Projective Picture System, maltreatment history, depression, and childhood behavior problems in a high-risk sample. 

Kathleen H. Smith, M.Sc. Thesis  (2015).  Fostering healthy relationships in families with maltreatment histories:  An attachment-based intervention and relationships between parenting indices.