Diane Holmberg, Professor

Email address: diane.holmberg@acadiau.ca

Telephone: (902) 585-1226

Office location: Horton Hall 313

Lab location: Horton Hall 115/117

Classes recently taught: Social Psychology, Advanced Social Psychology, Research Design and Statistics II (graduate level)


B.A. (Honours), University of Waterloo

M.A., University of Michigan

Ph.D., University of Michigan


I am a professor of social psychology whose primary research interests lie in the area of close relationships. I have three lines of collaboration with Dr. Karen Blair at St. Francis Xavier University. First, we are exploring the dynamics of social network approval / disapproval for relationships, and how those processes might vary depending on whether or not the relationship is potentially marginalized (e.g., same-sex, mixed-race, interfaith). Second, we are studying whether parents’ and their adult children’s memories of the coming-out process differ, and whether those differences have potential implications for well-being. Third, we are beginning research on whether there are health implications of displays of affection between partners, and whether those processes vary depending on whether the affection is public vs. private, and whether the couple is mixed-sex vs. same-sex / gender diverse. I also conduct research on how adult attachment styles predict couples’ dyadic support interactions. Most recently, I have been collaborating with Dr. Chris Shields in the School of Kinesiology at Acadia on a study of support dynamics in couples completing a cardiac rehabilitation program. Finally, I occasionally continue to pursue long-standing lines of research on gender differences in relationship memory, and on relationship scripts.


Blair, K. L., Holmberg, D., & Pukall, C. Support processes in same-sex and mixed-sex relationships: Type and source matters. Accepted for publication in Personal Relationships.

Holmberg, D., Thibault, T. M., & Pringle, J. D. (2018). Gender differences in romantic relationship memories:  Who remembers? Who cares?  Memory, 26(6), 816-830.

Holmberg, D., & Blair, K. L. (2016). Dynamics of perceived social network support for same-sex versus mixed-sex relationships. Personal Relationships, 23, 62-83.

Bailey, K. M., Holmberg, D., McWilliams, L. A., & Hobson, K. (2015). Wanting and providing solicitous pain-related support: The roles of both relationship partners' attachment styles. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, 47, 272-281.

Holmberg, D., Lomore, C. D., Takacs, T. A., & Price, E. L. (2011).  Adult attachment styles and stressor severity as moderators of the coping sequence.  Personal Relationships, 18, 502-517.


Honours Students

Beaton, Kendra (2018). Support and attachment processes in cardiac rehabilitation: An examination of relationship well-being and exercise behaviours. Co-supervised with Dr. Chris Shields, Kinesiology.

Lewis, Merisha (2018). Attachment, support processes, and efficacy dynamics within cardiac rehabilitation. Co-supervised with Dr. Chris Shields, Kinesiology.

Carew, Renée (2017). Dyadic support and efficacy processes in a cardiac rehabilitation context. Co-supervised with Dr. Chris Shields, Kinesiology.

Moult, Ryan (2017). What do you see in him/her? Exploring the decision to give vs. with-hold feedback on others’ romantic relationships. Co-supervised with Dr. Karen Blair, St. Francis Xavier University.

Graduate Students

Jenson, Kay (2016-2018). Evaluating social network members’ disapproving opinions in romantic relationships: A comparison between marginalized and non-marginalized relationships. Co-supervised with Dr. Karen Blair, St. Francis Xavier University.

O’Bertos, Shea (2015-2017). Support processes in cardiac rehabilitation. Co-supervised with Dr. Chris Shields, Kinesiology.