Andrew Daoust, Assistant Professor

Email address:

Pronouns: he/they

Office Location: Horton Hall 426

Classes recently taught: Advanced Seminar in Psychopathology of Childhood


H.B.Sc., Life Sciences, University of Toronto

M.Sc., Clinical Science & Psychopathology, Western University

Ph.D., Clinical Science & Psychopathology, Western University

Pre-doctoral Clinical Residency (CPA Accredited), Northern Ontario Psychology Internship Consortium (NORPIC)


My program of research focuses on understanding markers of risk that help us to predict which children might be at greater risk for psychopathology across their development. I have a particular interest in biological markers of risk (e.g., cortisol, telomeres) which might contribute to our understanding of the physiological underpinnings of psychological disorder. I am also interested in understanding sex differences in risk for psychopathology and how these differences in risk might be driven by social, psychological, and biological factors.

I am currently working towards registration as a clinical psychologist in Nova Scotia. In my clinical training, I have developed expertise in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as evidence-based treatments for a wide range of disorders.

I welcome honour students, graduate students, and volunteers to join my lab.


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A full publication list is available on my Google Scholar page.