What do I do if the Arts Core courses I most wanted to take are full?

For some reason, students seem to try to work their way through the Arts Core in the order it is listed in the calendar.  People seem to register for English first, then a second language, and so forth; therefore, the English and language classes generally fill up very quickly.  If those classes are full, no problem: get to work on some of the other Core requirements, like the Social Sciences (i.e., Econ, Poli Sci, etc.) or Humanities (i.e., Art, Classics, etc.) requirements.  These courses tend to fill up much less quickly, so unless you are registering very late, you’ll often be able to find an open course that fills these requirements.  All the Core requirements have to be done at some point, and there’s no particular order, so just do these requirements this year, and leave English and a second language until next year. 

Also, remember to consider all your alternatives.  Maybe when you saw you had to do a second language, you immediately thought of French.  But, have you considered Spanish, German, Classical Greek, or Latin? They might interest you, and there might be spots open in those.  Did you consider all the possible subject areas that can fulfill each Core requirement?  Did you remember that Women and Gender’s Studies courses can count towards the Arts Core?  Remember, too, sometimes there are second year courses with no pre-requisites available, so you are not restricted solely to first-year courses.  If you have not already seen it, here is a list of all courses that are available to first-year students (note, some may have high school pre-requisites, and some may not be offered this year). 

Remember, too, that the Arts Core requirements just need to be fulfilled sometime before you graduate (it is recommended that you complete them in your first two years, if possible, but it is not absolutely essential).  If you can’t get into the courses you planned this year, go to your back-up elective courses, and plan to register early next year, to continue filling your remaining Core requirements.  You have four years to finish them up.

Finally, if you are definitely an Arts person, then you will want to stick with the BA.  If you enjoy Science, too, though, then you might possibly want to investigate the overview of BSc requirements outside the major.  Note that you can still take plenty of Arts electives, if desired, but do not have a particular set of core requirements that must be fulfilled.