What do I do if my required courses are full?

Introductory Psychology:  Fortunately for you, Introductory Psychology, your only truly required course, almost never fills up completely – there is almost always some space available, as it is a very large class (normally, two sections of up to 300 students each).  If one section is full, try to rearrange your other courses to work if you register in the open section. If that works, but you would still prefer the other section, register in the open section, but contact Heather Turner (heather.turner@acadiau.ca or 902-585-1301) and ask to be put on a waiting list for the full section. If space opens up in your preferred section, she will contact you and let you know; if you still want to switch, you can drop your current section and she will register you in the other section.  If Heather is unavailable when you try to contact her, leave a message explaining what you want, and she will get back to you when she returns.

Note that even if you do not formally switch sections of Introductory Psychology, it is generally still possible to attend your preferred section on most days.  Not everyone attends class every day, so there are usually open seats in both sections; they cover the same material, so you can attend whichever section you prefer for most lectures, whether you’re officially registered in that section or not.  However, the prof does usually request that students attend the section in which they are officially registered on midterm days, to avoid one section becoming over-full.  Thus, if you can actually do either section, but prefer mornings because your afternoons are quite busy, then try to switch into the morning section officially if you can.  If that’s not possible, though, you can still attend class in the mornings most days, only attending in the afternoons on days when you are writing a midterm.     

Statistics:  The statistics courses do tend to fill up every year, so you will often find that your most preferred section is full.  First, if the course is not yet completely full, play around with your schedule and try to get registered in some section. There are multiple lecture sections and multiple lab sections offered.  With a bit of juggling, you may find an alternative configuration that you’re perfectly content with. 

Math 1213/1223 will often fill up first.  Especially if you are a good Math student, consider registering for Math 2233/2243 instead, if it is still open.  The content is slightly more challenging than that in Math 1213/1223, but not much more; most students handle it just fine.  Remember, you will need permission from Dr. Sonya Major to take Math 2233/2243 at the first-year level, but that permission will be granted as a matter of course if you are a strong Math student (e.g., 80% + in Grade 12 Academic Math).

If you manage to register in some section of statistics, but it is not your preferred one, OR if you are unable to find any open section that can fit into your schedule, contact Heather Turner, our departmental administrative assistant (heather.turner@acadiau.ca or (902) 585-1301).  Explain which section you are currently registered in, if any, and which section(s) you would like to be registered in, in order from most to least preferred.  Be sure to include your full name and Acadia Student ID number. Math kindly reserves a few seats in each section for our majors, as it is a required course, so it may be possible for Heather to squeeze you in, even if a section appears to be full.  If your preferred section is completely full, you will be put on a waiting list, and can switch in if a space opens up later on.

If Heather is unavailable for a day or two when you contact her, leave a message and she will get back to you when she returns. If Heather is away for a longer period of time, try contacting Kathy French, the administrative assistant in the Mathematics and Statistics department.  She can also see if it is possible to add you into a section that appears full.  Be sure to mention that you are a Psychology major.

If it is completely impossible to get into Statistics, even after consulting with Heather or Kathy, then make sure you are on the course waiting list, in case a spot opens up.  At that point, keep in mind that it is still possible to fulfill your Statistics requirement in your second year.  Note, if you wish and it fits into your schedule, there are frequently sections of the first half of Statistics (e.g., Math 1213) offered in the winter term; these tend not to fill up quickly.  You could take that course and fulfill at least the first half of your Statistics requirement this year, and finish off the second half next year.  Alternatively, wait until next year to do both halves. Again, we always have people who are switching majors into Psychology who don’t complete the Statistics requirement until their second year; you won’t be alone if you have to leave it until second year. Meanwhile, choose additional elective courses to take the place of the Statistics requirement.