What do I do if courses I wanted to take for my minor/second major are full?

Contact the department in which you wish to do your minor/second major, and explain your situation, clearly and politely.  Click here for more information on contacting departments.  Some units will hold back a few spaces in required courses for their majors, so especially if you are doing a second major, there is a possibility they may be able to squeeze you in, even if the course appears to be full.  For minors, however, they may put you on a waiting list, but they are unlikely to override the course limits.  Click here for more information on waiting lists.  If there was another minor that seemed equally appealing to you, try that one instead.  But remember, even for Arts, with its 24 h minor, there is still time to finish it up even if you’re not able to start until second year.  In Science, with its smaller minor, there is generally no problem at all completing a minor, even if you don’t start it until your third year.  Wait until next year to begin your minor; meanwhile, register in some alternative electives to fill your schedule.