Waiting Lists

If a non-Psychology course you are interested in taking is full, contact the department and see if there is a waiting list available for the course.  Most departments do keep waiting lists for courses that are full. If a student currently in the course drops it, opening up a spot, they will contact the first person on the waiting list, and see if he or she still wants to get into the course. If not, they proceed to the next person on the waiting list, and so on.  Many units keep the waiting lists for all the courses in the department in the main office, overseen by the department Head or administrative assistant.  Others will tell you to contact the professor for the course directly (Click here for information on how to do so).

The Registrar's Office handles waitlists for Psychology courses. If you wish to put yourself on a waitlist for any Psychology course, please e-mail waitlists@acadiau.ca.  Be sure to specify which section you want to be in (if there are multiple sections).  Also indicate which course you'd like to drop if/when you get enrolled in your waitlisted course.

If the relevant department does keep waiting lists, be sure to provide all the information they will need.  They will need your full name; your Acadia Student ID number; which section(s) of which course(s) you would like to be put on the waiting list for, in order from most to least preferred; and your preferred e-mail address and phone number, so they can contact you to let you know a spot has opened up.  Also provide any additional relevant information (e.g., be sure to state if you are planning to do a second major in the subject; some departments reserve a few spots solely for majors or others who require the course).

To help with your own planning, you might want to inquire about your position on the waiting list.  If you’re near the top of the list (e.g., top five or so), then there is a fairly decent chance you will get into the class eventually; if you’re 25th, though, the odds are very slim (though it can happen, especially in very large classes).  Regardless, be sure to register in alternative courses, just to be safe.  If a spot does open up in the course you want, then as a courtesy to those below you on the waiting list, please respond quickly regarding whether you want into the course or not.  You will need to drop a course to make room for the new course you’re adding.  Be sure to follow the instructions of the person contacting you as to whether you should drop the course yourself, or whether you should let them know what course you want to drop, and they will do it for you.  Usually they will do it for you, to make sure you are safely registered in the new course before you give up your spot in an existing course.

Most departments keep waiting lists for full courses, but a few do not.  For those that do not, all you can do is check back in regularly, as a spot in the course could open up at any time, without warning.  Be especially sure to check regularly during the first few days of classes, as students are often dropping and adding courses within the first few days, as they try them out.  This is also the time period when you are most likely to get contacted if you’re on a waiting list.

It might be worth attending the first day of a class you’re on the waiting list for, especially if you’re near the top of the list.  That way, you won’t be behind at all if you do get into the course, and if you’re deciding between two classes, attending the first day of each will give you a better idea which one you want to pursue.