Step 6:  Register

Once you have your courses selected and your schedule worked out, actually registering is quite straightforward.  If you didn’t already do so in Step 4, you will select the courses in which you want to register from the registration timetable.  They will initially go into a “Backpack” (like an on-line shopping cart).  You can add or delete courses at will here, until you have built a schedule you’re satisfied with. NOTE YOU ARE NOT ACTUALLY REGISTERED FOR THE COURSES UNTIL YOU CLICK THE “REGISTER” BUTTON AND THE COURSES APPEAR IN THE “COURSES REGISTERED” SECTION. DO NOT ASSUME YOU HAVE REGISTERED FOR A COURSE JUST BECAUSE IT IS IN YOUR “BACKPACK”.  

Try to register in a full course load as soon as you can, even if it’s not your most preferred courses. For example, you might have been hoping to take Spanish, but the section you want is full.  Get put on a waiting list for Spanish (click here for more information on waiting lists), but meanwhile, register in your back-up course in, say, French.  If a spot opens up in Spanish, you can always drop the French course later on.

For full details on how to register, see instructions from the Registrar’s office.