Step 2:  Know your required courses

You will normally register for five courses in the fall term (September – December), and five courses in the winter term (January – April), for a total of ten half-year courses (3 credit hours each, total 30 credit hours) for the year.

As a first year psychology major, you MUST take Introductory Psychology for Psychology Majors (Psyc 1113 and Psyc 1123) along with the lab sections (Psyc 1110L and Psyc 1120L).  It is also strongly advised that you fulfill your statistics requirement in your first year (i.e., Math 1213/1223; Math 2233/2243; or Math 2213/2223). The Statistics class will also have a lab component. 

These required courses will fulfill four of your ten half-year courses, like this: 

Fall Term

Winter Term

Psyc 1113, plus lab

Psyc 1123, plus lab

Math Stats I, plus lab

Math Stats II, plus lab








Click on the links below for more information on choosing your required courses.   The remaining six half-year courses will be electives (see the next step for advice on choosing those).

Introductory Psychology Requirement 

Statistics Requirement 

What if I already have university-level credit for some Acadia courses, through an IB or AP program, or transfer credit from another institution?