Second Major / Alternative Majors

If you are considering pursuing a double major, be sure to also take the required introductory courses in your second major subject.  Click here, and then click on the department you are interested in, to see their recommended first-year courses for their majors.  If you have any additional questions regarding what courses you should be taking, contact the department in which you plan to pursue your second major.

Second majors can be in any subject; you are not restricted to subjects within your own Faculty.  So, for example, it is possible for a BA Psychology major to do a second major in Biology, or for a BSc Psychology major to do a second major in Sociology.  For BSc students, the second major courses count as if they were Science courses, even if they are not in the Faculty of Science, making it easy to accumulate your required 72 h of “Science” courses.  Note that if you do take a double major, then you do not have to take a minor. 

If you’re not sure whether you want to do a second major or not, take the introductory courses and see. If you really like the subject, you can major in it; if not, you can still use the courses towards a minor or as elective courses.

The same advice applies if you are still trying to decide whether you want to major in Psychology or another subject.  Take the introductory courses in both and see which you like better.  You may end up majoring in both, majoring in one and minoring in the other, or majoring in one and taking a few electives in the other.  First year is a good time to explore your options.  In general, it is very easy to switch majors within your first year, and fairly easy within your second year (after that, it tends to become more difficult).  To switch majors, simply go to the departmental office of the program you want to switch into, and complete the paperwork.  Assuming you meet the GPA requirements and have the appropriate high school pre-requisites and university-level introductory courses, switching majors is generally not a problem.