Introductory Psychology Requirement

As a psychology major, the only course you MUST take in your first year is Introductory Psychology.  This is a full-year course that will provide you with a general overview of all the different subareas of psychology. The first half, offered in the fall term (i.e., September to December), is Psyc 1013; the second half, offered in the winter term (i.e., January to April) is Psyc 1023.  You MUST take both halves, as they are pre-requisites to all psychology courses offered at the second-year level and beyond.

There are normally two different sections of Introductory Psychology offered.  They will be labeled as A and B (so, e.g., Psyc 1013 A1 and Psyc 1023 B1). The A section is normally offered in the mornings (usually 10:30-11:20 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), and the B section is normally offered in the afternoons (usually 1:30 to 2:20 MWF).  You should register for one section or the other each term, not both.  The two sections are identical; we simply offer two sections to give you some flexibility in your scheduling.  Choose whichever section fits in best with your other courses when you build your schedule.  It is fine to choose different sections each term (e.g., Psyc 1113A1 in the fall, and Psyc 1123B2 in the winter).  [If you haven’t done so already, learn about Acadia’s course numbering system here.]

Please note:  Sometimes, Psyc 1013 is offered again in the winter term, for those who want to improve their marks from first term, or for students taking the course as an elective who only want to do the first half.  It will be numbered Psyc 1013 X2.  Do NOT register for this section; as a psychology major, you will need to complete both halves of the course in your first year, and the first half is a prerequisite for the second half. Taking only the first half of the course, in the winter term, would leave you unable to register in second-year courses next year.