Humanities Arts Core Requirements

Your Arts Core requirement #4 (Humanities) can be fulfilled by taking 6 h in Art (not including 2013, 2023, 3013, 3023), Classics, Comparative Religion, History, Philosophy, Music (not applied, vocal or instrumental methods, or practical studies) or Women’s and Gender Studies.  Remember, you can mix and match, doing 3 h in one and 3 h in another, if desired.  Remember, only 6 h of women’s and gender’s studies total can be used, between the Social Sciences and the Humanities Core requirements.

These most likely serve more as breadth or interest courses for most students; therefore, which you take is really completely up to you.  Read over the course descriptions in the calendar or the timetable (click on the course name to see the description), and see which sounds most interesting to you.  Also, you may end up taking whatever best fits into your schedule. 

The basic rule for Music is that history or theory courses can count towards the Arts Core, but performance type courses, where you are actually singing or playing an instrument, do not.  If you are in any doubt as to whether a particular course counts towards the Arts Core, check with the School of Music or the Dean of Arts office.