Exploring Available Course Options

Acadia’s student calendar is an excellent way to get ideas for courses that might sound interesting to you.  Flip through it if you have a hard copy, or browse through the electronic version, available here.  Note, however, that not every course that appears in the calendar is offered every year. 

When it becomes available, you will find the academic timetable for the upcoming year, available here, very helpful in selecting possible courses, as it will show only courses that are actually offered.  It will also show you if the course is full or not (full sections appear in red), and which term it is offered in (remember, in the “Section” column, a “1” indicates the course is in the Fall term; a “2” indicates the Winter term; and a “0” indicates a full-year course).

Make sure you have selected the proper “Session” (top left corner; i.e., Fall/Winter of the upcoming academic year.  If the timetable for the upcoming year hasn’t been posted yet, you can still look at the current year’s schedule to get some ideas for possible courses, but naturally the particular courses offered might change the next year.  Check back later, or use the calendar instead).  You can then narrow your search terms as desired to help you see a list of what courses are available.  For example, you could choose “Arts” under “Faculty”, “ANY” under “Discipline” and “1000” under “Course Level” to get a useful overview list of all the 1000-level courses available in the Faculty of Arts.  Or, you could choose “History” under “Discipline” and leave the Course Level unselected, to see a list of all History courses offered in the upcoming year, at any level.   Be sure to click on the “View Courses” button each time you change your search terms, to initiate a new search. 

Browse through the course titles to see what sounds interesting.  Click on the course title to get a brief description of the course content, and to see what the pre-requisites are, if any.  Remember, there might be some second-year courses with no pre-requisites that you could take in your first year (if you haven’t done so already, click here for a list of all courses without pre-requisites, open to first-year students). If a course sounds interesting to you and you have the pre-requisites, jot down the course name, term it is offered (Fall or Winter), and maybe the timeslot(s) it’s offered, especially if there are only one or two timeslots (if there are many open sections, just note “lots”; you can go back and pick a section that best fits your schedule later).  Your goal is to develop a list of possible courses for both the fall term and the winter term, including required courses, preferred electives, and back-ups if your first elective choices don’t work out.  Once you have this list prepared, you’re ready to go on to Build Your Schedule.  If you’re having a hard time coming up with a list of possible courses, consult Troubleshooting for advice.