Elective Advice for BSc Psychology Majors

In addition to your required courses (Intro Psyc and Stats), you will also need to register for six other 3-hr courses, three in the fall term and three in the winter term.  These can be any courses you are interested in, and for which you have the appropriate high school pre-requisites.

The BSc degree is quite flexible.  At some point before you graduate, you will have to take 6 h (i.e., two 3 h or one-term courses) from the following humanities subjects:  English, Art at the 1000-level, Classics, Comparative Religion, a single language other than English, History, Music (not applied, vocal or instrumental methods, or practical studies), Philosophy, Theology (THEO 3013/23, BIBL 2013/23, GREE 3013/23 ), or Women's and Gender Studies.  We particularly recommend English, especially if your writing could use some improvement.  You will also need to take any additional 6 h in the Faculty of Arts, and another 6 h in either the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Professional Studies (again, at some point before you graduate), as breadth requirements.

You might want to begin fulfilling these breadth requirements in your first year (though you can always do it in later years, if the courses you want are full). If you are planning on pursuing a second major, you should get started on introductory courses in that discipline.  You may also want to begin your minor, but with Science only requiring a 12 h minor, there’s plenty of time to change your mind or start later, if you wish.  Additional electives can then be chosen to round out your schedule.  Click on the links below for further advice in each area.

Note that some popular courses do tend to fill up early; therefore, if you are registering late, it may not be possible to take all the courses you would most prefer in your first year.  Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time. Consult the troubleshooting section for suggestions as to what to do if the courses you want are full.  If you still can’t get in, don’t panic.  There’s plenty of time to fulfill your breadth requirements and your minor requirements.  Simply consult the advice in the “additional electives” section, below, for suggestions on how to find some courses that seem interesting and will fit into your schedule. As long as you have Intro Psyc and (ideally) Stats, you are on track with your major requirements; other requirements can still be fulfilled later on, if need be. 

In this step, you are developing some general ideas as to what subjects you might want to take courses in.  The next step, Build your schedule, will give you concrete advice regarding how to find out which specific courses are offered this year, are still open for registration, and fit into your timetable well.  That’s why this step is called “Choose your electives, with back-ups” – if your first choice of courses is not available or causes conflicts, you may have to back up and select some alternate courses, especially if you’re registering late. Flexibility, and a willingness to play around with different options, will help you to develop the best possible schedule.

English Requirement/ Second Language Requirement/ Other Breadth Requirements 

Minor Requirements

Second Majors/Alternative Majors 

Additional Electives