Contacting Academic Departments

Advising contact information for all units on campus is available here.  If you don’t get a reply from that person, you could also go here, and scroll down to the “Schools and Departments” section to find links to the webpages for all the academic units on campus.  Most webpages will have a “Contact Us” link in the left-hand menu (others will have a link off their homepage to “People” or to “Faculty and Staff”).  Use that information to get in touch with the department, either via phone or e-mail.  Note that a phone call is frequently more efficient, saving a lot of back-and-forth e-mailing.  Some units will give contact info for the department Head, some for the departmental administrative assistant, and some will give both. Use whichever means of contact they suggest (if they give both, address your message to the Head, but CC the admin assistant).

People do take vacations over the summer.  Be sure to check any automated “Out of Office” replies to see if an alternative contact person is provided; if so, try that person.  Most departments are very good about returning phone calls and e-mails, but sometimes they do get swamped, or messages go astray or get caught in spam filters.  If you haven’t received a reply in 2 or 3 days, then be sure to try again, perhaps with both a phone call and an e-mail, or contacting an alternate person (e.g., Administrative assistant if you first tried the Department Head, or vice versa).