Arts Core Requirements

Sometime before you graduate, preferably in your first two years, you will want to fulfill your Arts Core requirements.  These are a set of courses that all Arts majors must take.  If possible, start taking some of these courses in your first year, to get these requirements out of the way.

  1. 6h in English at the 1000-level.  Which English should I take?
  2. 6 h in a single language other than English. What languages are offered?
  3. 6 h in economics, political science, sociology, or women’s and gender studies. Which should I take?
  4. 6 h in art (not 2013, 2023, 3013, 3023), classics, comparative religion, history, philosophy, music (not applied, vocal or instrumental methods, or practical studies) or women’s and gender studies.  Which should I take?
  5. Note:  Arts students also have to take 6 h in the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science, but since Psychology is in Science, this requirement is already taken care of by your major.

General notes:  Note throughout that 6 h would equal one full-year course, or two half-year courses.  Requirement #1 obviously has to be all English.  Requirement #2 has to be in a single language, so you must do all French or all German, for example; you can’t do 3 h of French and 3 h of German.  For Requirements #3 and #4, though, it is fine to mix and match – for example, you could do 3 h of political science plus 3 h of sociology to fulfill Requirement #3.  Also note that you can only count 6 h of women’s and gender studies (WGST) total towards the art core requirements.  So, you could take WGST courses to fulfill requirement #3, or requirement #4, or 3 h of each of these requirements.  However, it is not acceptable to use WGST courses to fulfill BOTH requirement #3 and requirement #4, as that would total 12 h.