Applied Psychology Option

Applied psychology involves applying psychological principles to assist in the effective management of human behaviour. It includes areas such as clinical/counselling psychology, health psychology, organizational psychology, forensic psychology, educational psychology, school psychology and sports psychology.  We have developed an Applied Psychology Option for students who are interested in these areas.  It is, just like it sounds, an Option; it is not something you are required to do.  It involves taking a specialized set of courses in your upper years that are relevant to these areas; if you fulfill the requirements, you will have the Applied Psychology Option listed on your final transcript.  It is simply a way of signalling to potential employers or graduate school advisors that you have had a long-standing interest in these areas, and have taken relevant courses. 


Again, there is no effect on your first-year registration if you are thinking of pursuing this Option; it is simply something to keep in the back of your mind as a possibility for down the road.  If you would like more information about the Option, click here for an overview of the requirements, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.