Steps for Registration

First-Year Psychology Majors:  Registration Advice

Want to register for your courses?  Follow these steps for tips on how to do it.

Step 1:  Get ready to register

Step 2:  Know your required courses

Step 3:  Choose your elective courses (with back-ups)

Step 4:  Build your schedule

Step 5:  Trouble-shoot, if needed 

Step 6:  Register 

Step 7:  Contact us, if needed 

A word of advice:  First-year elective courses sometimes fill up quickly.  It is therefore advisable to register as early as possible, to ensure the widest possible selection of courses is available to you.  Although the actual registration process takes only minutes, selecting your courses and developing your schedule can take quite a bit of time, so start the early stages as soon as possible.  Steps 1 to 3 can be done at any time. Step 4 can be done when the upcoming academic year’s schedule is posted, usually around late February or early March.  Step 6 can be done as soon as registration opens to first-year students, usually in early April.

Even if you are registering late, and elective courses are filling up, you can almost always get into your required courses, and there are usually alternative electives available.  These steps will give you suggestions as to how to deal with that situation.  It only gets more difficult as time goes on, though, so work your way through these steps and register as soon as you can, whenever you read this message!